The industry leader in creating interactive blacklight attractions.

Blacklight Attractions, Inc. located in St Louis Missouri is the WORLD leader at building walk thru attractions such as blacklight mini golf, laser tag arena’s, funhouses, mirror mazes, to haunted houses. Blacklight Attractions also builds interactive dark rides, and create computer generated special fx, animations and much more. Blacklight Attractions has built attractions for clients all over the World including countries like Japan, England, China, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, to Saudi Arabia, and all across the United States. Blacklight Attractions has built attractions for clients like Marvel Comics, Six Flags, Universal Studios, Cedar Point and Kennywood.

Blacklight Attractions has built amusement attractions based on Spider-man ‘Dark Ride’, Incredible Hulk ‘Mini Golf’, Garfield ‘Dark Ride’, to custom interactive dark rides for Kennywood Amusement Park. Blacklight Attractions has also built interactive aquariums in Wisconsin Dells themed around a mini golf to building out and theming entire restaurants such as Jekyll and Hyde Club in New York Time Square. Blacklight Attractions has created multi motion animations, to custom CGI pre-shows or massive facades for amusement attractions across the World.

Blacklight Attractions has designed and installed over 100 blacklight mini golf and laser tag attractions and over 100 haunted houses. Additionally our company has created interactive targeting dark rides for clients in China, Brazil, Kennywood, Morey’s Pier, Niagara Falls and many more. We also have created several interactive Christmas themed Attractions to help amusement operators expand their operating seasons. Our company is located in St Louis, Missouri based inside a 60,000 square foot building where we create magic for amusement operators.

There is literally no attraction we can�t build or create from theming projects, dark rides, mirror mazes, funhouses, to theming an entire attraction or restaurant. Our company can also help start up family fun centers (FEC) plan and design an entire venue creating blueprints and layouts for the entire space. We specialize in both natural themed projects and blacklight themed attractions. Our company creates custom foamed carved props complete with special fx lighted signs.

We specialize in CUSTOM attractions taking YOUR concepts and developing them into live interactive attractions. Our company has worked for all different types of facilities from amusement parks, family fun centers, themed restaurants, haunted houses, aquariums, to bowling centers. Our attractions have been featured on Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Modern Marvels, Shipping Wars to industry publications such as FunWorld.

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