Our company can build out complete themed environments including axe throwing facilities.  Most axe throwing facilities are badly themed, and in many cases unsafe.  Our company can give you the edge over the competition,  by offering a themed environment which would include counters, axe throwing lanes, with all the safety features to make your facility the best in the market.  Each Axe Throwing facility we create is themed including the exterior walls, the lanes themselves, and everywhere between.  We will layout your facility, design and fabricate your axe throwing attraction, ship to you directly then install at your location for ONE PRICE.


Most axe throwing attraction do not have a bar, however the ones that do make triple the revenue and bookings.  We can also create your facility a themed bar, and much more.  Do you want a Canadian lodge, an Alaskan adventure, or anything between we can design, build and install the best themed axe throwing facility in your area.


Prices Include:

Complete Lanes 12-16



Exterior Themed

Cages Around Lanes

Theming Props

Themed Seating Areas for each lane


Free Shipping and installation included.


Square Feet - 3,000 to 4,000   $135,000.00

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