Blacklight Attractions/Halloween Productions, Inc.

Our company has built attractions for all different types of clients from major theme parks to the FEC owner.  Listed below is a partial list of our clients whom we've built blacklight attractions for over the past ten years.

Sea World, San Diego, California

Tampa Busch Gardens, Tampa, Florida

Kennywood Amusement Park, Pittsburgh, PA.

Six Flags (St. Louis, Boston, Chicago, etc.)

Kings Island, Cincy, Ohio

Carrowinds, North Carolina

Marvel Comics

MGM Studios

Morey's Pier, New Jersey  

Bayville Adventure Park, Long Island

Wild Adventures, Valdosta Georgia

Cypress Gardens, Florida

Wilderness Resort, Wisconsin Dells

Wild Island Amusement Park, Reno, Nevada

Rascals Family Fun Center, Honolulu Hawaii

Game Zone, Israel

Our company has also built blacklight attractions in England, Japan, Korea, China, Turkey, Denmark, and many more.




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