Blacklight Attractions is one of the World’s best designers and builders of interactive Dark Rides. Our company has built dark rides for major theme parks across the World including Kennywood, Morey’s Piers and Marvel Adventure City, plus Dark Rides in countries like China, Chile, Canada and more. BLA creates both blacklight and traditional style dark rides, both interactive with targeting or story line based rides. Our company has created dark rides based on Spider-Man, Garfield, Pirates and Haunted Mansions to everything in between.


BLA can create custom themed dark rides for any budget, based on any theme, anywhere in the WORLD. Our company creates amazing themed environments, multi motion animations, computer generated special fx, interactive pre-shows, major facades and much more. We are not the cookie cutter factory; all the dark rides we design, create and install are custom-made for each client to meet each individual expectation, budget and deadline. We are the best theming company in the industry. Unlike our competition, we will theme

every inch, floor to ceiling of your dark ride.

We develop storyboards, designs and layouts, and then create, ship and install your dark ride based off any theme for nearly any budget!


What we can provide:

• Complete Theming and Sets


• Animations

• Props

• Design

• Installation and Shipping

• Complete Dark Ride Build Out

• Targeting

• Interactive Story Telling

Complete Dark Rides start at $850,000

Renovation Projects start at $250,000

The World Leader Creating Custom Themed Interactive Dark Rides!

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