4D Outdoor Signs – Facades – Custom Props

Our company has been creating bigger than life outdoor facades, custom hand carved props, and large signs for years.  Do you need an outdoor building turned into an attention getting money maker for you?  It goes without saying that the first impression is what you see on the outside and it’s important to our company that the indoor attraction we build becomes a financial success story for you.  When you need large hand carved fiberglass props to mammoth outdoor facades we’re the company to help you.  We will design, fabricate and install any sized sign or facade. 

On many of our custom blacklight miniature golf attraction we create high quality fiberglass props to compliment the different themed holes.  As you can see with the pictures listed we’ve done all sorts of hand carved scenery and props. 

Our company has also been creating custom multi motion animations for years in some of our bigger projects like Spiderman Dark Ride, Monster Mansion Dark Ride, Garfield Dark Ride and many more.  Do you want your next attraction to be interactive?  We can build animations from and or interactive holes for as little as $750.00. 


There is a difference between our company and everyone else and we'll prove it.

We look forward to providing your entertainment facility the best attraction in your area.

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