Funhouses/Kids Play

Our company has built several funhouses complete with spinning tunnels, illusions, vibrating floors, funny mirrors all inside a 3D environment.  We’ve even built a funhouse for Marvel Comics ‘Spiderman and Friends Funhouse’.  When a client comes to our company and says ‘hey can you build one of those tunnels that kids spin inside of, or shaking floors, or even sophisticated animations or computer generated effects’  the answer is always ‘yes we can’.  We’re not a simple outfit that airbrushes walls but claims they build attractions.

We do everything from cad design, concept drawings to the complete fabrication. 

Our artwork also gives off an amazing 3D effect when wearing chromodepth 3D glasses.  Our company can design and build your next funhouse, or kids play center.

There is a difference between our company and everyone else and we'll prove it.

We look forward to providing your entertainment facility the best attraction in your area.

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