Mirror Mazes include
but are not limited to the following:

800-1200 Square Feet Maze:
installed with mirrors

• Mirror Décor: All mirrors will featurea fiberglass/Plastic theme cover over every mirror.

• Sound System: The mirror maze will come complete with all sound systems

Lighting: Lighting will be supplied throughout the mirror maze.

• Carpet: HPI will supply carpet for the flooring of the attraction.

• Façade: HPI will supply a fully built out façade to match the theme of the attraction.

• Installation: HPI to fully install the attraction

• Shipping: HPI will pay shipping costs from St. Louis, Missouri to port of destination city.

• Travel Expenses: HPI will pay its own travel expenses to and from installation site however client must reserve and pay hotel costs at site.

Blueprint: HPI will design and deliver a fully cad drawing of mirror maze to client for approval.

Theming: HPI will theme perimeter of attraction and paint everything to match on site.

Price Range:

800 square feet $75,000
1,000 square feet $85,000
1,200 square feet $90,000



Mirror Mazes are
a great way to
increase revenue
in your amusement
facility without
using a great
amount of space.
Mirror mazes
require low
maintenance and
nearly no labor to
operate but provide
a great deal of
revenue per square
foot and fun for
everyone of every

Mirror mazes only require between 1,000 and 1,200 square feet for
a very effective attraction. Halloween Productions will build the
entire wall system, provide everything from the mirrors, lighting,
sound, carpet, to facade plus ship and install the attraction.

Halloween Productions/Blacklight Attractions have installed mirror
mazes throughout the country and invite you to visit one of our
locations. Additionally our company has a small mirror maze
showroom here in St. Louis, Missouri at our manufacturing facility.
The themes of your mirror maze can vary between a lost mine shaft,
gothic castle to a hidden forest. You pick the theme and from there
let the creative team at HPI/BLA build your next amusement attraction.


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