Used Haunted House For Sale -  5,000 Square Feet - Zombie Theme



Size:  5,000 Square Feet


Type:  Modular Attraction (can be taken down and set back up)


Built by:  Halloween Productions/Blacklight Attractions (Creators of Over 100 haunted houses)


Highlights:  Over 200,000.00 worth of animations and props


Facade:  Comes complete with 20 foot facade


Sound:  Comes with a complete sound system


Wall System:  Interlocking Wall System (Modular Design)


Year Built:  2016


Current Location:  St Louis, Missouri at our production shop.  Fully installed ready for you to inspect and tour.


Price:  $110,000.00 includes our company will remove and load into your shipping units.  If you require our company to install price will depend on your location.


Call for details.




Optional:  Zombie Laser Tag Complete Gun Game system (30 guns, 100 targets, computers and more)


Price: $18,000 (new $75,000)


Inventory:  Please watch the video for a complete list


- Facade


- Que Line System


- 2 wall CGI FX complete with players, tv and sound


- 1 Moving Animated Subway complete with 5 CGI FX w/ players and tv's plus one silicone jump up animation.


- Complete Wall System




Security Room Scene: Includes 7 CGI FX with players and TV's with security camera cgi of zombies attacking the facility.  1 Giant Zombie vs Human Shadow CGI FX with projector.  Scene also includes one silicone jump up animated zombie.  One giant control panel


- 1 Poison Prop drop panel pop out zombie in hallway scare




Security Zombie Dog Scene: Entire scene with 5 zombie dogs, one giant animated dog from unit 70, one animated leaping zombie, 1 CGI in the door FX, 2 zombie props




Storage Unit Scene: 1 Giant Crawler Animation, 1 Leaping out of a barrel animation, Several dead body props,  several zombie props and 1 mutant monster prop


- 1 Hallway CGI Zombie vs Human Special FX with player and projector


- 10 plus scareboxes with drop pictures and area's where actors can hide to scare people




Freezer Scene:  8 Hanging Frozen dead bodies, 1 frozen staff in hazard suit




Ammo Storage Scene: 1 Giant Spider Monster from Unit 70, dead bodies, crate props, dead bodies, and 1 pop out zombie animation.




SIlo X Hallway: Includes 1 fog air cannon special fx




Chainlink Scene: This rooms features several animations including a poison prop drop down pop out zombie, one multi motion burnt zombie, a multi motion crawler animation, two burnt zombies, 4 standing zombie props




Medical Scene: 1 lunging zombie, 1 pop off the table animation,  2 zombie doctor props, entire scene with all the props


- Costume Room complete with 20 zombie costumes


- 1 Drop Down Poison Props Animation in Hallway




Medical Scene 2:  1 mutant monster prop, torso pop off the table animation,  giant blob animation in ceiling from Unit 70, 2 zombie doctor props, barrels and medical equipment, 3 mutant props




Zombie Jail:  Massive multi motion zombie animation,  lean out army zombie prop,  3 different actor cage for scaring, 1 zombie vs human attacking zombie CGI FX with player and projector




Zombie Storage Containment Scene:  4 Containment Units with CGI FX built in, 1 full sized human vs zombie fx with player and projector, 1 pop out of a barrel animation,  3 cocooned human props mounted to wall


- Chainlink Maze with 10 hanging heads, and one jump out of a barrel animation




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