HPI is known throughout the industry as the best detail fabrication company in the World. We will release a full line of vacuum form panels to help you decorate and create rooms for your haunted houses or attractions. Our team can also create custom works by sculpting and molding panels based on your concepts.

• All of our vacuum form panels are 4 foot by 8 foot or 4 foot by 12 foot.

• We sell our panels non-painted or painted.

• All panels are priced the same.

•All panels are made from thick plastic to withstand the abuse of your haunt patrons.

• We prefer to sell all panels un-painted however we have the best scenic painters in the entire industry.
If you choose the option to have us paint and theme your panels only the best painters in the industry will theme your panels.

In Stock Panel Prices

4x8 Panel $120.00 non-painted
4x8 Panel $160.00 painted

4x12 Panel $160 non-painted
4x12 Panel $180 painted

Custom Prices are the same as
above with a $1000 sculpting
fee per unique panel.

CALL 314-504-3970 to order - Itemized products coming soon to web site.

Contact us today for more details...

314 504 3970

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