Prepare to hunt down and extract zombies from inside an industrial research center!  Do you have the courage to arm yourself with real combat weapons and take on hoards of real zombies?

Our company creates the most realistic environments for walk thru attractions such as laser tag, haunted houses, escape games, dark rides, to mini golf. Now we are proud to provide your guests the most realistic experience of their life... your customers will enter the danger zone filled with live zombies. We provide the realistic arena, preshow, facades, special fx, zombie costumes, props and more. Your customers are then armed with realistic looking weapons and they enter the facility looking to hunt and kill zombies as their targets. Our arena's are filled with CGI zombies and animated zombies to add to the thrill and fear while real actors are outfitted as zombies who roam the facility.

Your customer then enter the facility and score points based on shooting at zombies and targets giving you the most unique experience. Imagine kids and adults who play video games to kill flesh eating zombies, or watch TV shows like Walking Dead and wish a real zombie apocalypse would happen so they too could blast some zombies.

Now we can make that happen!

Combat Guns can be provided by many different suppliers but can also be included in packages.

2,400 square foot maze with combat gun system and targets $250,000
4,000 square foot maze with combat gun system and targets $300,000

2,400 square foot without laser gun system $165,000.00
4,000 square foot without laser gun system $215,000.00


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